Soil Testing Lab Equipments

S M Engineering Works provides wide array of modular soil testing equipment to accomplish these needs. S M Engineering Works Geotechnical testing equipment includes Direct Shear Apparatus, Triaxial Testing Machine, Consolidation Test Apparatus, Universal Testing Machine, Penetrometers, Plastic & Shrinkage limit devices, soil Compactors, Laboratory California Bearing Ratio (CBR) Apparatus, Unconfined Compression Test Apparatus, Proctor Compaction Test Apparatus, Field Density Test Apparatus etc.

The soil testing equipment is specific to the civil industry, is helpful to take decisions regarding the selection of brand of cement and concrete materials to use for construction. We are glad to be one of leading service providers to construction companies and civil engineers, reducing their business risks.


Soil Testing Lab equipments are quite necessary to be used in the process of cultivation of crops.

  • If the soil strength is more than 2Mpa, the plant roots cannot penetrate the soil, therefore the volume in which the plant can grow gets restricted. Our soil laboratory equipment help in testing the soil quality so that the soil strength can be managed.
  • The degree to which the root development is restricted differs for different crops. Cotton plant roots and groundnut roots are severely affected by high soil strength. So testing is important before cultivating cotton or groundnut crops.
  • The direct sheer test is one of the most uncomplicated and easy tests conducted to determine soil strength. SMEW- one of the leading manufacturers of soil testing equipments in India, manufactures Direct sheer apparatus which is used to perform a direct sheer test and determine soil strength.
  • Soil compaction reduces crop height by not allowing plant crop development. Rain softens the soil layers making it easy for roots to grow and it is highly advisable for farmers to work on soil compaction. SMEW manufactures penetrometer which is useful for testing soil compaction.
  • Before beginning building construction project work, it's vital to understand the soil of the land over which the construction is going to be carried out. Understanding soil properties is crucial as it helps in better planning and designing building structures accordingly. We provide soil testing lab equipment solutions for cultivation of different crops.