Semi-Automatic Compression Testing Machine with Manual Pace Rate Controller
(Screen Touch Digital Indicator)

Standards: IS 14858:2000, ASTM C39, BS 1881, EN 12390-4


Capacity : 1000, 2000 & 3000kN 1000, 2000 & 3000kN

The Semi-automatic compression testing Machine with an advanced and intelligent screen touch digital indicator with manual pace rate controller system. User-friendly machine that facilitates and smoothens the process with manual pace rate control, data interface, data printing, load hold with in-built portable printer etc.

In this machine its sufficient to press only start button to complete test and get final result in N/mm2 & Kg/cm2. Our semi-automatic compression testing machines consist of a rigid two column plate type frame, hydraulic power with rapid approach and fine-tuning system for manual pace rate control.

Power Pack

Semi-Automatic Cement Compression Testing Machines fully controlled power pack, by a pressure rate control valve, is designed to supply the required oil to the load frames for loading. The Cement compression power pack can load different frames with required pace rates and equipped with safety maximum pressure valve to avoid machine overloading and our rapid approach pump is supplied as standard quality.

Pumping Unit : We provide single and double speed pump facilitates rapid approach of the platens for daylight closure and also provides comprehensive control over the application of load.

Motor : We provide dual pump power driven an AC motor 220 V (110 V), 50-60 Hz single phase and 0.55 kW

Touch Screen HMI:

  • Peak Load, Peak Stress, Unique Record No. is displayed
  • Menu Driven Sample Details.
  • Data Download thru RS232.
  • Peak stress calculation based on sample type and shape.
  • Easy to operated.
  • Start, Stop, Pause & Reset.
  • Touch Screen Keyboard.
  • You can view in HMI :
    1. Actual Load, Peak Load
    2. Time in Second
    3. Result in kg/cm2, N/mm2
    4. Pace rate kN/Sec
    5. Total area of sample and sample number also.

Load Frame Specifications : A fully welded loading frame comes with a top crosshead, base and solid side walls with the precision ground hydraulic piston fixed to the base of the machine. Also, the machine is super empowering for it works by using rapid approach pump that allows the fast approach of platens, for daylight closure and also allows automatic, precise control over the load application. There is also a display of pace rate bar which gives timely feedback to the operator on the loading rate. Distance pieces, and also removable transparent front-rear safety doors.

The main characteristics are :

  • High stability welded assembly
  • Piston stroke with safety limit switch
  • Platen hardness of min 55 HRC
  • Distance pieces and safety door included
  • Ball seating assembly and frame tested for stability


Model Unit SET-1139-A SET-1139-B
Capacity kN 2000 3000
Standard IS 14858:2000 IS 14858:2000
Ram dia meter mm 215 260
Least Count kN 0.1 0.1
Ram Travel mm 60 60
Lower platens dimensions mm Ø280 Ø310
Upper platens dimensions mm Ø280 Ø310
Maximum vertical clearance between platens mm 320 350
Horizontal clearance mm 380 400
Height of Load Frame mm 1200 1200
Weight of Load Frame Kg 650 950
Specimen Size (Suitable with load frame)
Cube Mould mm 70.6, 100, 150, 200 70.6, 100, 150, 200
Cylindrical Mould mm 100, 150, 200, 300 100, 150, 200, 300
Motor Capacity HP 1HP, Single Phase 230V, 50Hz