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SM Engineering Works

SM engineering manufactures and exports a versatile range of geotechnical and civil engineering lab equipment. SM engineering works is located in New Delhi, India.We are a company that utilizes technology, gathers engineers, scientists and professionals with strong skills to create the future.

People newly establishing soil testing laboratories, universities and industries in the need of associated equipment can fulfill their requirements from us.We support a spectrum of customers like consulting engineers, road authorities and contractors.

Technological soil testing equipment like penetrometers, augers and moisture testers are manufactured by us, so we provide best technical support and customer service to our customers. SMEW is one of the leading manufacturers of soil testing lab equipments in India.


About Us

SM Engineering Works is India's foremost manufacturer of Soil Testing Lab Equipment, Concrete Testing Lab Equipment, Cement Testing Lab Equipment, Aggregate Testing Lab Equipment, Bitumen & Asphalt Lab Equipment, Rock Testing Lab Equipment, Surveying Equipment and General Laboratory Equipment.

Our company is now well renowned globally, and the credit of our success goes to Mr.Lalman Maurya. We applaud his valuable guidance and active leadership which has helped in reaching this milestone of the best manufacturer of soil testing lab equipments in India.

Our Products

Our Mission

Our organization's purpose is to improve civil and agricultural standards through our beautifully inventive Technological instruments. We are happy to be the best soil testing equipment manufacturers in India. Our company is helping rural Farmers to take better farming decisions. We help them determine the chemical, biological properties of soil, soil nutrient level and what the soil is deficient of. Equipped with such valuable information, farmers can prevent extra fertilizer application and money wastage. We have supplied equipment to soil testing laboratories, since our inception in 2002, through which thousands of farmers have benefited. We are proud of supporting soil testing which helps to prevent soil erosion, and has environmental benefits, through our best soil testing equipment.

Our Merits

At all levels of organization we practice ISO standards. We have been given ISO 9001:2015 certification for our manufacturing and marketing work. Our factory in Delhi has state of the art tools and latest machines. We have a separate department to monitor product quality and reliability. Due to our best machinery and staff, we can carry out bulk equipment production and deliver products within the time frame given by our customers. We are committed to maintain people's trust in our brand by producing highly durable equipment.

Why Choose Us?

Great Supports Team

We consider our staff as our support system because only due to their hard work and assistance we continue to provide the best soil testing lab equipment in India. Without our team members, we cannot sustain in the market as our great support team comes up with innovative ideas and technology and assist us in every project.

We Are Capable

Creativity and technology are the key values of SM Engineering Works. Achieving durable solutions for our customers through innovation is an integral part of our business. We modify our manufacturing based on customer reviews and pay attention to their specific requirements. Our research & development professionals update our equipments whenever required.

Very Affordable

Our customers appreciate the fair pricing charged by us in laboratory equipments. We invest a lot of money in buying basic materials for production and to support our staff. We have earned the reputation of being a reliable manufacturer and supplier of premium quality soil testing lab equipment based in New Delhi, India.

Some Of Our Clients